Fluid Film Corrosion Penetrant and Lubricant Review

The fluid film, or more precisely fluid film undercoating, is a type of preventive lubricant, which can help your truck to avoid corrosion and rust damages. Offered by the renowned brand, Fluid Film, this product has been made with Lanolin-based formula, which can keep the metallic parts of your vehicle well lubricated. 

Hence, if you apply this undercoating product on your vehicle on a daily basis, it can stop the corrosive effects of pesticides, salt, and humid weather quite effectively. In addition, as the product is solvent-free and non-drying, it will not affect your automobile’s paint and gorgeousness in any way.

Fluid Film Prevention


$50 (1 gallon)


Here are some of the features of fluid film undercoating that you should know about.

1. It is Environment-friendly 

Unlike most other undercoating products on the market, this one has been made with eco-friendly materials. Therefore, it usually emits a lot less harmful components, which is great for our environment.

2. Can Prevent Rusts 

This product is not entirely formulated to remove or eliminate rust. However, if you apply it over the existing rust, the lubricant will instantly impede it from spreading or extending any further. 

The undercoating can also penetrate the rust scale and reach to the base metal of your automobile. So, if you are thinking about starting a rust removal campaign on your vehicle, then make sure to apply the lubricant on it for at least an hour. 

3. It is Solvent Free 

Many undercoating manufacturing companies generally use solvents to make their product more efficient and effective. While these chemical substances do help in increasing the quality of a lubricant, it can also affect your skin and respiratory system in a negative way. Moreover, if you live in a warm region, the solvent-infused lubricants can also dry out. 

However, you will be able to avoid all these issues if you opt for the fluid film undercoating. It is entirely solvent-free. Hence, it will not affect your health in any way. Besides, it also will not dry out that quickly, which is yet another marvelous benefit of it.

4. Versatility

Most of the undercoating solutions generally work best on cars and other smaller four-wheelers. However, this does not happen in the case of fluid film. Because of being made with high-quality materials, this lubricant can be used on both smaller cars, bigger automobiles, and home-use tools like trimmers or clippers.

5. Contains Anti-freezing Agent 

The fluid film product contains a high amount of anti-freezing agents. Due to this reason, it can be quite effective in the case of the snowblower chutes.    


  • As it does not contain that many harmful components, it is quite eco-friendly 
  • There are no solvent components available in the product, which makes it non-toxic 
  • It is versatile and can be applied to both automobiles and domestic iron-made tools 
  • Due to the availability of anti-freezing components, it can also last for a long time 
  • The lubricant is very easy to apply 


  • If applied on a rubbery material, it might cause swelling or damage it 

Final Thoughts 

If you do some extensive research on the market of undercoating, you might be able to find a lot of lubricants. However, in terms of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness, none of them can beat fluid film. It is eco-friendly, easy to use, non-toxic, and can keep the vehicle parts safe for a long time. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying a high-quality undercoating for your vehicle, then opting for the fluid film can be an excellent idea.   

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